The Takeover Game (The International Trading Board Game)

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A Premium Limited Edition Board Game; perfect for dinner parties, corporate events, ice breakers and that iconic annual Christmas Day board game battle. Get rich, eliminate other players and become the master of the financial universe. Earning money is easy; purchase three or four identical Investment Cards and sell them to the Stock Exchange for a huge commission. But holding assets can be risky. Accumulating too much debt, market movements and trading between other players can quickly turn a predator into prey. But that’s business. “Experience a modicum of the high finance world with a game that is so far removed from anything previous, you know, property based – This is entirely more cut-throat. The aim is to get rich, richer than all other players, eliminate them, have no shame, try to remember post-play to leave your new fond inner Gordon Gekko at the table. So its all about buying assets and selling them on at profits, that is the simple part, they’ve built various elements into this play making it risky to hold onto assets for too long – Liquidate, speculate, keep your nerve and bag the biggest riches.” – Telegraph, One of the Best New Board Games, Dec 2016. TAKEOVERS JUST GOT FUN! For those of you setting your sights on success in the City this year, you might be able to fit in some useful practice at home. Forget using the weekend as downtime: boardgame aficionados can instead hone their money-making skills and “become the master of the financial universe” with the TAKEOVER game. Practice makes perfect, after all” – City AM, Jan 2017The International Finance Board Game – Let’s Do Business, Board Game, Finance, Trading, Negotiations, Premium Quality, Made in UK, Limited Edition