The Decision (The Hope Trilogy Book 1)

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“The Decision” is a novel about politics, the environment, relationships and the conflict of loyalty between family and cause. It is set in 2027, in a post-Brexit, post-UK England, in which an authoritarian government has taken power in a parliamentary coup supported by the establishment, after three chaotic years of socialist rule. The environment has taken a significant turn for the worse, and rising sea levels have led to a decision to flood the Fenlands – a return to its marshy origins. A war between NATO and Russia staggers on in the heartlands of the Ukraine, a useful tipping ground for refugees and the unemployed.The narrative revolves around a kidnap attempt at Wembley before a major football final. The would-be perpetrators are an underground group which goes by the name of HOPE – the Holistic Organisation for the People and the Environment. They are led by Charlie Mowbray: in his early thirties; a late starter in the world of left wing protest, but charismatic enough to rise quickly to the top. “The Decision” is his story, and the story of his family: parents James Arnold and Olivia Mowbray, siblings Will and Susan. Will is a journalist, stuck near the frontline of the war in Ukraine. Susan is a civil servant, torn between her distaste for the Authority and her sense of duty. She, like all of her family, becomes embroiled in Charlie’s adventure. Charlie regards himself first and foremost as an actor, not a political leader. He is inspired, at school, by Henry V, and his leadership journey follows a similar pattern. It is he who must take The Decision.