Royal Canin Cat Food Veterinary Diet Obesity Management 3.5 Kg

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Overweight animals generally have shorter life expectancy and are often less healthy than animals at optimal weight. Excess body weight puts pressure on bones and joints, and can worsen existing conditions like joint problems (osteoarthritis). Overweight animals often feel uncomfortable, suffer more in hot weather, and may have difficulty playing and exercising. They are also less resistant to infections and are at greater risk during surgery and anaesthesia. Because overweight animals have less energy, this further exacerbates problems associated with being overweight or obese.

Key features of Royal Canin Obesity diet food
Due to the increased protein content, weight loss can be achieved while retaining muscle mass. In order to lose weight, your cat should be fed smaller amounts. Royal Canin Obesity Management contains extra minerals and vitamins, ensuring that your cat still receives the necessary nutrients. In overweight animals, the joints are under greater strain. Chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine help to maintain normal joint mobility. The increased moisture content in Royal Canin Obesity Management (wet food) allows reduced energy intake, but the animal still feels satisfied. Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA/DHA) ensure healthy skin and a shiny coat during the period of weight loss.

Recommended for
Obesity/overweight animals
Constipation with a good response to fibre
Diabetes mellitus type 2.

Not suitable for
Royal Canin Obesity Management is not suitable for kittens, or pregnant or nursing cats. In addition, these dietetic foods are not suitable for animals with increased energy needs, such as during growth.

Ingredients:…Pet food for Cats
Dry food
Recommended for Cats above 12 months