Leading the Revolution

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Paperback. Pub Date: 2002-7-1 Pages: 337 Publisher: Penguin Book Description One of the worlds preeminent business thinkers and co-author ofthe bestseller. Competing for the Future. Gary Hamel helped set themanagement agenda for the 1990s He now brings. us into thetwenty-first century with Leading the Revolution. which spent timeon The New York Times. The Wall Street Journal. USA Today. andBusiness Week bestseller lists. among others. In his new book. GaryHamel lays out an innovative action plan for any company orindividual intent on becoming-and staying-an industryrevolutionary. for years to come. By drawing on the success ofgray haired revolutionaries like Charles Schwab. Virgin. and GECapital-companies who are always thinking ahead of the game andgrowing in new directions-and profiling individuals such as KenKutaragi. one of the pioneers of Sony Playstation. Hamel explain…