E-telligence: Email marketing isn’t dead, the way you’re using it is

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Is email marketing dead? This topic has been debated for many years but if anything, it’s thriving and becoming an even more critical part of your marketing strategy.

Email underpins all other marketing efforts, by taking prospects from just becoming aware of your brand to developing a relationship with you, so that they become loyal customers and advocates.

But many organisations struggle with a lack of cohesive strategy, limited internal resources and budgets, inefficient processes and outdated technology.

To increase your email marketing results, you have to be clever with the communications you’re sending. 

To stand out, you need to make sure that your potential customers’ needs, wants and desires are put at the forefront of your strategy. You need to be customer centric.

In this book, Kate will teach you to use email marketing more intelligently – hence ‘E-telligence’!

You’ll get a roadmap taking you through the five key stages to make a positive impact on your email marketing campaigns and to address the struggles you’re facing.

Through the knowledge imparted, including email marketing best practices and a range of examples, you will get a solid foundation on which to build your strategy and discover how to…

1. KNOW What You’ve Already Got – Conduct an email marketing audit

You’ll discover the importance of conducting an email marketing audit and key areas of your programme to analyse. These include your email marketing send strategy, data structure, use of segmentation and personalisation, automated campaign strategy (marketing automation), email design, results tracking, email marketing split testing approach and the importance of your technology and processes.

2. IMPROVE What You’re Doing – Optimise your email marketing

The #1 way you can take control of your email marketing and start making a difference to your results TODAY: optimise what you’re already doing!

Revisiting the same sections as in Chapter 1, in this chapter we go on to explore how you can make the most of your current strategy and increase the results you’re already seeing. 

3. FILL IN Your Gaps – Build on your email marketing strategy

Chapter 3 allows you to build on your current efforts and consider how you can further optimise your email marketing strategy, through the implementation of customer centric campaigns, including enhancing the customer journey and multichannel marketing considerations.

4. GROW Your Audience – Email marketing list growth

In order to have a successful email marketing programme, you need to be communicating with the right kind of people. In this chapter we explore the email sign-up process, from being able to accurately quantify your email list, to analysing and optimising your current process, making your opt-in attractive and advertising it to the right prospects.

5. REACH Your Audience – Email marketing deliverability

Without getting your emails into your recipient’s inbox, you decrease your chances of them engaging with it significantly. In this chapter we explore some of the key elements of deliverability including the impact and factors affecting your sender reputation as well as your sending IP address.

This book includes case studies from Pure360, Taxi for Email, Return Path, ResponseGenius and FreshAddress.

As an accompaniment to this book, you’ll also get FREE access to an online membership site that has a wealth of additional resources you can draw on to help you work through the information I share with you.